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You're Not Sick; How Using Medical Insurance Plans Can Still Help

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Medical insurance plans aren't just for sick visits. Even though private medical insurance services pay for costs related to sudden illnesses, chronic conditions, and injuries, these plans do so much more. Take a look at the most common reasons for using insurance when you're healthy.

Well Visits

Children get regular yearly check-ups. But what about adults? Like your child, you need an annual preventative medical visit too. Preventative care can:

  • Help you to spot problems. Some signs or symptoms of chronic conditions aren't obvious. A preventative screening allows the medical professional to assess your physical health and catch possible problems before they go from minor to major.
  • Give you time to ask questions. Dr. Google won't accurately answer all your medical questions. Instead of relying on the internet, use an annual exam to ask your questions—to a real professional.
  • Start treatment early. If you do have a previously undiagnosed condition, the well visit gives you the chance to jump-start treatment.

Talk to your insurance agent about what preventative services your plan covers. Most plans cover a basic check-up, helping to reduce the costs of staying healthy now and in the future.

Routine Vaccinations

Along with well visits, routine vaccinations can reduce the risks of serious illness. Many adults already have basic immunizations. But, depending on your age, its possible you need booster or additional vaccines. Some of the most common vaccines adults get include (but aren't limited to):

  • The flu. To prevent serious complications associated with the seasonal flu, all adults new an annual vaccine. While the vaccine isn't 100 percent effective, it can lower your chances of contracting this virus.
  • Shingles. The virus that causes the chicken pox can reactivate in your body, leading to shingles. The vaccine can help to prevent this painful viral illness.
  • Whooping cough. If you've never received the pertussis vaccine or aren't sure, this immunization is important—especially if you have or work with children.
  • Measles. The recent upswing in this once-eliminated disease has put measles in the forefront of adult immunizations. Adults who aren't immune or haven't had a booster should get this vaccine.

Private medical insurance plans may cover these and other important immunizations. If you're not sure which vaccinations you have and which ones you still need, talk to your doctor.

Other Screenings

Like doctor's visits, diagnostic tests aren't always part of sick or injury care. Your insurance may pay for a portion of routine preventative screenings, such as a mammogram, pap smear, colonoscopy, cholesterol, blood count, or other laboratory testing.

Private medical insurance plans can help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle by paying for regular check-ups, vaccinations, and diagnostic screenings. If you don't have a health plan, contact an insurance agent for more information on your options.